Monday, March 1, 2010

Slim Down Week #4

Results week #4
-1 pound
-1.25 inches
of me GONE!
Gone! Gone! Gone!
Things I've learned
in week #4
I don't ever want to be the lady that wears her jewelry, her nice clothes and full make up while working out!
Yes, I've seen 'her' but I've not seen her perspire!
Gum is my friend
it changes the taste in my mouth, so I know that the meal is over!
I think it's time to put a riser under my step
the workout is becoming too easy
I always thought I had a 'bad leg'
it was needed to be worked out! It's a GREAT leg!
It's still hard to find time for me
even after 4 weeks
I like to work out
but it's time to 'shake things' up with my workout.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT GOing....keep it up and your about to get me keep posting your thoughts and progress. Love ya, Mom