Thursday, March 18, 2010

Burn Notice

I've not told you about my first burn simply because it was silly and a bit embarrassing. While fixing soup early in January, I reached over the boiling pot and burned a very tender part of my body. I didn't touch the pot, I was attacked by the steam, it came right through my sweatshirt to 'get me'. I have a good size scar and I can't wait to go for my mammogram and GYN appointments next month and have to explain it.

You wouldn't even have to hear about this if I'd not burned myself again. Not in the same place but an even more tender spot .... got'cha thinking about that one huh?

Last Sunday I was sampling the potatoes from the pot of Roast, potatoes and carrots. I scooped a potato out, let it cool, popped in my mouth.... it tasted heavenly so I did it again .... there was my mistake! Yes, I let it cool the same amount of time but it was HOT, burning HOT! I've burned the entire left side of the roof of my mouth. I can't believe it. That was last Sunday and I'm still suffering not just a bit but alot! I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be a day of hope that this latest burn will have some hope. Guess I can explain this scar to the Dentist next month also!

lesson I've learned .... stop cooking!

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abdooss said...

Not STOP cooking! You just need more training!