Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

We've got our March Madness brackets filled out and are eagerly awaiting for the games to begin! I love the fact that we fill these brackets out only to have them blown out of the water with the first games!

notice that W has 2 brackets .... he couldn't resist when his teams began losing! Filling out another bracket isn't allowed after play begins! says me the judge!

We didn't have a class on how to fill out basketball brackets but I think we should have!

This is G's bracket .... notice his technique? It took some time but W figured out this method.

HINT ~ if you follow the red lines you'll see the progression of a team! If your red line is broken, you're OUT!
FYI ~ Hubby and W pick Kansas to win it all, G has Tennessee winning it all!

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