Monday, March 8, 2010

Slim Down #5

Results of Week #5
- 3.5 pounds
-1.5 inches
Super Yay!
things I've learned
along the way ~
Get to class early
today was too full I couldn't get in!
and just where did they come from?
Don't wear my gray shirt, stick to the white ones
the gray shows sweaty pits, sweaty neck, and the ever so lovely sweaty 'smiles' under my breast!
On my Couch to 5k it comes in handy that I didn't start on the couch!
I've had to move up faster ~ which is good!


Shannon @ Monkey Dog Quilts said...

I've totally enjoyed your posts. I'm jogging/walking my first 5K this weekend and my goal is to it in 45 minutes. Since I've been "training", I've lost approx. 8lbs since January. Which in January I was at my all time "high" in weight.

Shelly said...

Thank you Shannon!

Good luck in the 5k, I'm almost there, and will FOR SURE once the weather turns good!

AND GREAT JOB on the 8#