Saturday, November 27, 2010

FieldTrip Saturday ~ WWI Museum and Memorial

Today I took G and his friend Mason
to visit the Liberty Memorial and the WWI war museum!

The day was beautiful and we had a great time.

The boys were in boy heaven with all the weapons!

guns, cannons, gernades, shell casings....

you name it they had and the boys loved it!

all the airplanes!

hanging from the ceiling, the trench!

and the stories!

then we headed to the Liberty Memorial ....

We started at the bottom .....

Then rode the elvator,

and walked the 45 steps to the top ......

What a view.....

the boys saw a 64 car train all the way from the front to the back !
it was amazing to be up there.

The boys actually looked over the edge ....

I just stuck my camera over the edge and snapped a picture
(to be looked at when my feet got back on the ground).

We had a great time!

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