Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Several years ago my Sister in law told me that
once you hit 40 you start to fall apart.
Wwweeellll, in my case it has been 45!

I think today could very well be a Wordless post!
This weekend I've started this odd cold/allergy thing.
It's not getting any worst, just staying the same.
At our house Hubby and I have always had this deal
that we couldn't both be sick/injured in bed at the same time
and up to this point it's always worked out.
BUT I think Hubby has over stayed his time in the bed, cuz .....
My shoulder is frozen!
Yeah, you read that right....frozen.
It has always been alittle stiff
(or at least for the past few years)
but over that past few weeks the range
of movement has gone to almost nill.
Last Monday when I couldn't get my bra on without extreme pain
I decided it was time to call the doctor.
I got a cortisone shot and
a month's worth of Physical Therapy appointments!
I don't seem be to aging with grace,
at this point I just want to stomp my feet and pitch a fit!
Well no time for that,
cuz that would make my pounding head cold pound more and
I've got to make myself wince in pain,
while I force my shoulder to move!

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