Friday, November 19, 2010

Life on Thursday

OK, I'm confused. I know that's nothing new but I saved this post yesterday and I uploaded several pictures from my phone for the post.

Today, I can't find the post nor most of the pictures! If I remember I'll upload them again.

Thursday was a busy day on the road all day!

I took the morning off from working out. It's always nice to get a break from working out AND it's always nice to get the daily things done around here early.

At 11 I had a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned. That went well, I have a filling that needs to be redone. Great thing ... this dentist put it in so he'll replace it free.

I get done at the dentist then rush ... lead foot it to the school, for G's school assembly. He'd earned an exemplary level on this state reading test last year and was getting a medal for that today at 12:30. There's a picture of this floating around somewhere of this!?!?

I get to come home for a few minutes where I love to walk in my front door because I get to walk through this wonderful fall confetti, it just makes me smile. My burning bushes usually don't have time to burn really well, but this year there hasn't been that much wind and the weather has been perfect for them! They've been beautiful this year. I absolutely love the piles of burned leaves!

I run back to school to pick up G. Run him to the Dentist to get his teeth cleaned ... NO cavities!

Then on the drive home we experience the most beautiful sunset.

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