Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great Loss

(As a parent you pray that there will be people in your children's lives that will make a difference for the good. People that you trust and know that they will make your child a better person, just by being around them.

And Derci Pinto was one of those people for W.

He coached W in Soccer for a year but was apart of his soccer life ever since. Derci encourage W to be his best, drawing more out of W than W thought could.

W spend hours trying to implement the things Derci had taught him, from being a better keeper, to spending hours trying to get a ball to bend just right. Every game the sideline was filled with their names in a strong Brazilian accent. We will never forget our "WHEel"

Derci was respected and loved by all his players.

And now will be greatly missed by his players as well as they parents .....

Derci recently went home to Brazil where he died of Pancreatic cancer.

(and just in case you're keeping track this is the 2nd soccer coach this HS team has loss to Pancreatic Caner.)

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