Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life on Thursday

This Thursday included a trip into farmhood for us.

This week we've been collecting eggs
from our friends' mini farm.

When we pull up, get out, start walking back to the animals, dog,
wild Lilly
G wanted to bring these home every day
chickens and the duck's shed,
once they see us, the all come running, cats, chickens and the duck!

We don't feed them,
They have food out for them already.
we just collect the eggs and love on the little kitties but they crave people contact!
They miss their human family.
As we leave
(except Wild Lily, she has to stay in her pen)
we have a little parade following us.


Anonymous said...

It was fun to see your trip to the farm....just you get to keep the eggs ?? G'ma

Shelly said...

Yes we do get to keep the eggs.

I think over the 4 days we've had about 2 dozen colorful eggs!