Friday, December 24, 2010

Life on Thursday

hmmmmm I haven't gotten to tell about W getting a 'new to him' car. Since he's living at home and driving everyday to school he got a car that would get better gas mileage. I licensed and insuranced it on Dec 7.
Early Thursday morning, just around midnight, W hit a deer. He was almost home when he topped a hill to find a doe standing in the road.

I hadn't even gotten the bill for the insurance before I had to call them.

Fortunately, our day's excitement was early and the rest of the day was calm and normal.

I had physical Therapy on my arm.....still stuck!

I got lucky finding a parking place at Costco, only to find the lines to the check out will SOOooo long. I went to see if they had the book I was looking for had a couple of samples and left without purchasing anything!

I came home to relax!

Had everyone home for frozen pizzas & salad for supper.

W and G have THE cold! so they laid low last night!

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