Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Phone news ....

OK, I have this smart phone, not one that has an I in the name but it's smart still the same. WAAAAYY smarter than me in so many ways, and it has had a mind of it's own lately .... those of you that have gotten repeated, and random phone calls from my phone lately know exactly what I'm talking about!

Last Saturday, for instantly I had called my friend, set my phone down on the counter and went about my day. The house phone rang a half ring, I didn't even get up. W comes up stairs, asking why my phone was calling him (waking him up), I got up and while walking to the phone, I got a text from a friend telling me that my phone was calling her, and then I got a somewhat angry message from my mother, asking "why I wouldn't talk when I called her". AND when I got to my phone I found it was calling G's school! Now that's a smart phone with attitude!

OK, on with the show .....
My phone has a feature where I get news. Some of the news is just news but then some are real gems .....like these I found this week!

"Man, 106 gives up smoking for love" ...
Go here for the web story.
I guess it's never too late to stop or this is some love!

Today's gem,
"Woman bites off husband's (79) tongue during kiss"....
You can read about it here!
Wonder if a divorce is the next story, or a party, maybe???

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