Friday, December 31, 2010

Yawn .....

Why didn't I think about how I'd have to stay up until Midnight if G was going to have a New Year's Eve party?

Yes, G is having a couple of friends over tonight. I'd tried to have a party for him last year but the snow came and got WAAAAaaay to high before I could get things planned.

He's been so excited all day. He even folded 2 baskets of laundry for me just ......well, just because!

We called in pizzas, then left to go get the boys (Mason and Wyatt). Their parents offered to bring them but the excitement was just too much for us to be sitting at home.

They've been playing down stairs. Nerf Wars, Basement Gladiators, ping pong (3 against W)Twister and now Wii fishing!

I'm about to fall asleep and they're all wound up!

side note ... Hubby, is all snug as a bug in bed!?!?!

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