Tuesday, December 14, 2010

working with Virginia

I have been given as a Christmas gift to Virginia!

Virginia is the mother in law of a friend of mine. Virginia is 85ish (shhhh she'd kill me if she knew I knew this number and that I was telling it), she broken her hip last summer. She doesn't want to slow down, but in reality is not able to keep up with her house. Her daughter in law lives across the street from her so Virginia calls her every few minutes (daily) for help. This is driving the daughter in law crazy.....thus I've been given as a gift by the daughter in law to help both her and Virginia!

It's a slow process of getting Virginia to tell me what she wants done. She has let me sweep and mop her floors, dust, do laundry and run the sweeper. Her grandson had spilled her jewelry drawer a couple of weeks ago, so we sit and match earrings when she won't let me do anything else.

When I told the daughter in law that we sit for a long time looking for earring matches she just started to laugh. Not knowing what was so funny about this story, I asked .......

Seems when they (Virginia's son) moved the jewelry box (it's a big jewelry stand, you know like the free standing piece of furniture), they just stood it up in the back of a truck, turned a corner and the whole thing tipped over, earrings spilling all over the truck bed. Some of the earrings ended up in the street! So now I sit trying to find matches that I know are not there, but can't tell Virginia!

The doctor released Virginia to drive this week. She decided that she probably won't go driving alone the first time, she'll take someone with her! I instantly felt a target on my back!

I immediately called the son .... "if you take your mother driving for the first time I'll never tell her that you lost all of her earring matches! I'll just sit and search of earring matches all day long!"

Unfortunately, the weather turned bad and neither of us have worry about Virginia driving ....YET!

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