Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Since it's a double 7 day I thought I'd give you a 7-7 picture.

I've gone to my picture file, picked the 2007 file then the 7th file and then the 7th picture.
This is a scary process but it gets me to clean out my pictures
and you get to see some pictures that maybe you haven't seen before.

Well, obviously this is Christmas of 2007. I decided (somewhat) late one night that we were going to take the Christmas card picture THAT NIGHT! G was out of the shower (hence the wet hair) when W informed me that he couldn't take the picture without taking a shower! HEAVY Sigh......W takes forever in the shower. It very well could be midnight before we get to snapping pictures. When he got all done with his shower and dressed, he was in an ORANGE shirt. How Christmasy is ORANGE? problem solved ..... I sent out black and white pictures!

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