Monday, July 6, 2009

Hideous I tell you!

I was awaken at 6:30am by G telling me that the electric tape (the 2000's electric wire) from next door had blown all over our tree. Much to his amazement I didn't care at this early hour. About 15 minutes later he comes in and claims that he's going outside to check it out, that I did care about. I told him that he couldn't go outside and mess with the electrical tape. By this time I'm awake enough to know that the wind hadn't blown in the night, so exactly how could the electric tape be in our tree?!?!

When I finally did rise and shine......I saw it.....We'd been massively TPed. Our home had made it 4 years of High school and not been tped. This time every tree, every bush, even the driveway had been covered.

I suppose G never even thought of toilet paper.

As I pulled out of the drive way (for swim practice) I saw the empty package. These were not armatures these were Professionals. They'd used the good stuff and a big family size!

G was quite upset ... "Mom, I can't believe someone would do this to us, it just makes our house look 'hideous'". Yes that were his exact words .... Hideous. I believe he is seeking revenge more than W.

I'd have pictures but by the time I got home W had taken most of it down.

I seems that we weren't the only house (there were 3 others), but ours was certainly the furthest out!

oh and hubby's only response ... "where was the dog?"

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