Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lovin' Wii

We have been playing Wii (we as in the boys and I). I have discovered that both boys check their Wii age everyday! Those stickers, I only test my Wii age (maybe) every week and thus I'm 78! AND W even warms up before taking his test! I personally think that's cheating, but he has a 20 Wii age (got the that just this morning). Little G sneaks down every morning to do his Wii age testing! He got a 51 today!

I'm going to have to get with this .... BUT I have to say that today I was 47! W, who was sitting there watching me was guessing that I'd get over 100 (GASP)
Yes, that's the kind of entertainment I provide for them!

then we moved on to Wii Play ....
Where MY favorites are racing cows! I'm not good, alot of the fact is when the cows jump they Mooo ... You know those boxes that you turn over and they make the sound ....Mooooo. It's that sound they make ... it cracks me up everytime.

Then I like to shoot things ...... except for when I forget which cross hair is mine and think I'm shooting with my opponents crosshairs.

We're having fun!
Thanks Big Bro and AuntyAna ~
Also .... my boys were thinking about if our house burnt down what would they grab .... they both together shouted the "The Wii"

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