Sunday, July 26, 2009

latest pictures

My wonderful and ever patient sister-in-law, Maurice (Hi Maurice, you're a saint) is putting together a scrapbook for my mother-in-laws 89th Birthday.
I believe the due date for everyone to get things to her was a few weeks ago!?!
today I 'mom handled' my boys into pictures.

Our pictures for the scrapbook included "happy birthday"
but I cropped that out for our copies of the pictures
(well, most of them, you can see alittle bit of one of the signs in the picture of Hubby and I)


Anonymous said...

Good for you...Good for Granny...
I am enjoying your families photo's, too. Your Mom

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for the compliment--I hope I can live up to the patient part on doing this scrapbook!!! I love your pictures and can't wait to do your page!