Saturday, July 11, 2009

3 Strikes your out!

I must say that this day just wasn't one of my best!

First of all it started extremely early ... I'm not even really sure of how early... but there was a thunderstorm. This means that G is awake and scared. He wanted to go downstairs with W. He couldn't ... fill you with that later.

When everyone finally goes back to sleep the alarm goes off ... 6:15AM! Now that I have this cute hair it's early fix your hair time (I'm really loving the hair but not the time it takes to fix it ...especially when it's 6am).

G got up at 6:45 ... I'm not sure he was asleep the entire time I was in the bathroom, but I like to think so.

W had a soccer tournament in town ... so he had a couple of the players over to spend the night (I think as player confinement) Hence G couldn't go down and sleep in his basement, dark room! Around 7am I noticed there wasn't any sound or movement from the basement. They'd set they're alarm for 6:45PM. It was sort of entertaining watching the 3 of them scrabble to get out of here!

G and I left at 7:30 for our church fieldtrip ...only to get there and see that they'd over planned with cars and didn't need me! BUT BUT I'd gotten up at 6:15 to do my hair!! Strike 1

So I'm off to W game. It was fun. W now played for the Alumni and not the HS team. I still cheered for the both sides.

Then I come home only for hubby to send me off to the city for more rock. I finally got W and his buddy to work on the rock wall... they ran out of rock and didn't finish! After driving the distance for the rock (of which they said they had in stock) they don't have it in stock. WHAT BUT WE CALLED TO MAKE SURE YOU HAD IT IN STOCK Strike 2

I finally make it home, where I stay. I'd rented some RED BOX movies yesterday so I sat down to watch "Bride Wars" I wasn't impressed (don't bother) BUT I HADN'T SAT DOWN TO WATCH A MOVIE IN MONTHS ... I WANTED IT TO BE GOOD! Strike 3

I've settled in with a good book, and just about forgotten about all the Strikes ... I'm sure a good night's sleep will erase the day!

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