Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As close as I ever want to get....

I believe I'm as close to one of worst fears that I ever want to be!! Ok, on my more shallow list of worst fears.

Last week when we were at the pool, the newspaper's photographer was there taking shots of the boys doing their tricks off the diving boards. It's the yearly how to beat the heat front page picture.

Do ya see where this is going?

Today the picture of the boy is in the paper, fortunately the picture extends to the 2nd half of the page (the folded page) and as you turn the paper over to see the other portion of the picture.... there it is ...... it being ME! I know it's me but no one else will know. that's what I keep telling myself. It's too far away to recognize me, lucky for me!

Just too close for comfort .... but hey I'm glad I have that suit that I love on!


Anonymous said...

You know we want to see you in that "center fold" photo...can we expect it in your next blog? Mom

Shelly said...

hummmm the centerfold ... I think I perfer "Covergirl" even if I am the lower half of the's still the cover.