Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marking the summer chores off.....

Today we (G and I) cleaned the garage. We got all the stuff (junk) out when it clouded over and started to rumble. Boy that's when the challenge started .......

I was surrounded by scaredy cats ~

A helper that was wearing ear phones! He swears he can hear everything I say, but I beg to differ! and the Dog that wanted to be in garage. He was in there but when the rumbles got too loud he would follow me around.

Nothing like a deaf helper and a guide dog on my heals!

It finally sprinkled for 2 minutes, nothing but HOT, HUMIDITY when it was over!

The garage is done, it looks good, smells good (well, abit too much like bleach), a big pile of trash for the garbage man and another summer chore checked off my list.

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