Thursday, July 2, 2009

it's finally DONE!

Well I felt like this mess and this smell was never going to get done.

Finally last Saturday late afternoon, the sink was pulled out. They chipped it a couple of times, but not in really obvious places. When we took the old faucet off (it had been one that was all one piece and we were replacing it with one that 4 separate pieces) the scrapping to get the puddy and glue off marked it..... so hubby says, "why don't you just run and get a new sink?" Don't have to tell me twice... .I was gone. As I was running out the door..... "and you might was well just get a new garbage disposal also." Music to my ears .... why couldn't he follow all this up with "and pick out new counter tops, and just throw in a new frig while your there" Ok, that would be extreme and hubby isn't really an extremist!

I rushed since it was Saturday night and I knew my hired help (W) probably had plans. I only went to one place (the closest) and had only one to choose from! Trust me boy did I second guess my choice all the next day. One is not a choice, it's a get the one they have! I don't like Home Depot, it a guy's store, "walk in get want you need and leave" not a woman's store, "pick out what you like best" store.

As I pulled in back home... My hired help was pulling out! I was sinkless for the night! and all the next was ridiculous and almost pioneerish ... we had to walk all the way to the bathroom to wash our hands or fill a pot! barbaric, I tell you

It's done now, it's beautiful, and wonderful! I love it! I've even caught W just in there running the water ....enjoying his work.

I'd post a picture if the sink wasn't filled with dirty dishes! it's working well!

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