Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday ... Messy Day

Tonight we had one of our summer activities
(once a month in the summer for the summertime award)

Messy Day

We made Homemade Silly Putty ....
They got to take this home

We did the ever wonderful yet amazing
Mentos in the Diet Coke fountains.
This was great, they competed for the highest
(notice that I sent my assistant out there
to hold the funnel?? She stayed dry for the first couple
and then got one in the head! She's a fitness trainer
I expected she could move faster than I could)

Made bigger volcano eruptions than we'd done before.
added dish soap to make it bigger!

finished the night off by making Homemade Goop!
acts like a solid and a liquid, this stuff is so cool.

They'll be talking about this night for a while.

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