Saturday, January 9, 2010


I wasn't going to post about the snow fall again, but when my boys look back on this winter I'll wish I would have.

Since just before Christmas there have been 3 significant snow falls. Each storm brought at least 3 inches of snow with frigid temps and blowing winds.

It is beautiful (from a inside looking out kind of way)
It is cold (zero was the high yesterday)
We couldn't find out Drive way
(until Farmer Bob came to the rescue)

It was blinding
(we couldn't see the tower lights that flash all night)

It was Christmasy (in a whipped frosting kind of way)

It left work to be done ....

The first snow obviously blew into the attic and on the one day it got above freezing melted.
these are only 2 of the water spots there are 6 right now, but the number may go up as the rest of the snow melts. Yes, the wind blew that hard that it got in our 'ridge cap'

Yes, I'll remember this winter for a long time (she says like the winter is over!?!)

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