Thursday, January 14, 2010

I loath Slush

I can handle snow, I can handle the cold ....but this slush is about to get the best of me!

Right at our driveway's end was a big snow drift (going across the road) the road grader has come by at least once a week (since Christmas eve) and pushed a snow mound right across our drive way. AAAGGRaaahh! it created a huge bump, that was over the height of a curb. I've scouted out the other driveways one Else's just ours! It was so high that I would find myself bracing for the impact. This mound was firmly frozen so there wasn't much I could do other than pray it didn't hurt my van or give me whiplash.


The past couple of days it's been 40ish. Snow is melting. This bump has become a mound of slush. An impassable mound of slush! I got stuck going out this afternoon, stuck enough that I had to stop a farmer passing by to pull me out! Then about 4 mini stucks trying to get back in. OH that was fun as I now had G with me! Actually really stuck BUT I found a small pile of gravel that I could scoop with my hands and put rocks behind my wheels. 4 times! I was running out of gravel. Then driving up to the house, there is now a lake of water and slush ... no place to drain. I worked on a new drainage system there for quite some time.

SLUSH I could live without it!

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