Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frustration here, Frustration there, Frustration EVERYWHERE!

This week my Facebook has decided to act funny. I can get on, I can see just the first few status' of my friends, I can't go beyond that, I can't push any buttons. That's the problem, I can't push any buttons. I'm Frustrated!

I wanted to get the pictures out of my camera and start posting them here ...well the camera is not talking the computer. I've tried to mediate but they just won't recognize each other! So the pictures are still in the camera. I'm Frustrated!

I'm Frustrated with my schedule last week, someplace to be EVERY day, very little home time. So today I'm giving up! I'm staying home ALL DAY! I'm going to just curl up with a movie or a book and pretend everything is working fine. This is my favorite place to be .... Denial!

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