Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

The talks were all on the Love of God today.

They were all great.
I enjoyed them and they gave me things to ponder this week.

The lady that spoke had me confused for a bit ....

She kept saying that "We should love others as we love ourselves"
I just kept wondering about how sometimes I'm very critical of myself. If that's how I feeling, that shouldn't be how I treat others.... confusion....BUT then she said what she meant .."We should love others as Christ loves us" WOW, now that's a whole other concept! One that I'm not confused at all! We should love others unconditionally, not with conditions.

Then the most enjoyable speakers (in my opinion) spoke. He is just easy to listen to.
Some of the notes I took from his words ....
~ Our Father's work requires love
~ When we are asked to do a calling (position) in the church we should do it with Love
~ There is a purpose for that position at that moment
~When we're obedient to our callings we'll be blessed
~ What do we really love?
~What is foremost in our minds? What do we seek?
~ We should seek after the spiritual not the material
~ Keeping the commandments allows us to grow spiritually
~ Our Father Wants us to grow ~ this means that we'll be tested
~ These test will become easier as we grow
~ We should listen for answers/guidance from the Lord

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