Monday, January 11, 2010

Snowball in the Garage

Today I started out moving.
The Sun was shining it was already 22 at 8am.
It was going to be a good day to get things done.

I worked shipping things for Hubby.

I moved that car so the sun could hit the driveway. Melt melt away snow!
Then I went to garage ... and then things snowballed ....
I worked on the recycling for the school. I was able to ship off 2 big boxes of Juice pouches and chip bags. Cha Ching!

then I decided that my recycling could go too! I loaded the van full to take to the recycling truck in town. When I got there it seems like everyone in town had had the same idea. The truck was spilling over! That's a good thing!

then the Dog's blanket could be aired out, Skip didn't know what to think of his blanket outside.

I've now delivered all, put everything back in place in a more organized fashion!

A snowball of organization!

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