Friday, August 13, 2010

Life on Thursday (Friday edition)

I got to the hospital around 10ish. Sat around with hubby all day, the staff seemed more with it today, either that or I've lowered my standards. Hubby has gotten addicted to "Las Vegas" (the TV show), it's shown 2 (back to back) episodes on TNT this summer. So he was finally able to be drugged enough but not too drugged to find it again. He was so thrilled that it was the very first show!but then disappointed to find the 2nd one wasn't on due to Golf!?!

I was so excited that I found more free apps for my phone (Macala and Fast Lane).

They made arrangement to transfer Hubby yesterday at 5pm. I left him thinking that was all going to work smoothly.

It was HOT yesterday! 101 at 5pm! and super humid!

I had to leave to attended a Community Center Meeting on what and how to draw people to the Community Center to watch movies. It was a good meeting, met new people and there was some good ideas (I don't think I had any but I supported the others!)

Then rush home to get ready for the next church meeting. Something happened to my printer in one of rain storms, it just died. I have to email anything I want to print off to hubby's computer and print it from there. Sounds simple until you're in a hurry!

I finally get home, I'm exhausted. I lay down for a while to just lay there! It was quiet, it was cool, it was comfy, it was cup filling!

Hubby calls at 8:30 and he's just arrived (the ride from one place to the other was 10 minutes). So much for transferring him at 5:30!? His special bed had yet to arrive, but did arrive before we hung up.

Time to do it all over again! but that's Life on Friday!

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