Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life on Thursday

You know it's been a hot week, when I'm excited that it will only be 88 degrees today. The humidity was low and there was a breeze. FABULOUS summer day, if I must say so my self!
Today G marked his school supplies with this name, sharpened his pencils, wore his new school shorts, and tenna shoes! He spend the morning calling all of his friends to see what teacher they got. He was making so many phone calls that I finally had to tell him to get off the phone. Then he just sat playing with the phone (remember this detail, it'll come up later again)
I got to spend the afternoon with Mandy, Hairdresser Divine!
We colored and clipped for great results!
Have a mentioned in the last 4 weeks how much I love Mandy?
When I got home I was greeted by G in the drive way, I was all excited because I thought he was there to help me carry in groceries.....UNTIL he starts,
"Mom, don't say anything until I finish with what I have to say, cuz it's not has bad as it sounds."
Those are not my favorite words when used all together!
He continued ...
"I called the Sheriff ..... but it was by accident.... I was just playing with the phone and the Sheriff's office answered"
"Then they called back and then they came out"
"I've already talked to dad about and it's ok now!"
I've not uttered a word in all this, he felt the need to spill it all before I could walk inside
"But when you see 'City of *****' on the phone, DON'T CALL THAT, it's the Sheriff's office!"
I suppose that's just what I needed to happen so he'd stop playing with the phone.
UPDATED: seems W was still home for this and has filled in 'the rest' of the story! Evidently when the Sheriff's office called back G went crazy, running all over the house yelling that the Sheriff was on his way out! Hubby asked W to go outside and meet the Sheriff (ok, he was already working on the lawn mower). W just had to confirm that it was a misdial. I asked what G was doing at this point, W said, "he was peeking out the window".
Tonight right before bed G said, "whew, my I'm glad I'm not sitting in jail tonight" Even though I told him that a 10 year old couldn't go to jail for mis dailing the Sheriff, he still believes he narrowly escaped incarnation.


Melanie said...

I can't think of a better way to end a perfectly relaxing day......Oh, wait, maybe I can:)

Sandra said...

LOVE it!!! :)