Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hospital in Review

OK, Hubby's surgery was at a different hospital than we usually go to. Yes, we've visited enough hospitals that I have an option and preference!

I don't like the hospital that Hubby had his surgery. We've only been there a couple of times before and yesterday just confirmed my feelings.

** I don't like the surgery waiting room ~ nothing to do, too many people coming and going, way too crowded. If I were a nervous surgery waiter (which I'm not) this room's commotion would have driven me crazy. There was/is nothing calming about this room.

**I don't like the cafeteria ~ it's a plain and simple cafeteria. It's small (I saw the capacity sign 200, well that 200 must have been how many could be squeezed into the space not how many comfortably), cold, someplace you'd want to eat as little as possible and move out as quick as you could! Other than a very small salad bar, there wasn't anything healthy to pick from. As I looked around I wondered why the gov't and medical field wonder why everyone is so FAT!

** The nursing staff seem to clueless. OK, I"m usually the defender of unknowing, but seriously I couldn't continue to defend this bunch! Example #1 ~ Hubby had those leg things on to keep blood clots from forming but when he got to his room they weren't connect to a machine. I pointed that out (after several hours), they finally got the machine. While hooking it up, they just found the closest electrical outlet. The closest outlet was at the foot of the bed across the walkway. When the nurse plugged it in she actually said, "this could be dangerous, I hope no one trips on this" and then left the room! I let it go since I knew hubby wasn't going to be tripping over it! Example #2 ... oh, there are plenty. It will just be better when he's out of there!

OH I should say something nice .... they have nice landscaping!

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