Monday, August 9, 2010

the Ticking of a time bomb???

I think I can hear the ticking of my overwhelmed time bomb.....tick tick tick.....

Several months ago I was sitting in a place where I felt I could volunteer for a couple more positions. One with the local PTO as their Room Parent Coordinator and another to sit on a City board (sounds important huh? not really) to pick out family movies to be shown at the local community center.

Both of these seemed an easy fit for my already volunteering things, 2 church positions, working out, TAXIing for G's activities, the soup label and the Terracycle coordinator for G's school and of course substitute teaching whenever I'm needed. This isn't even counting the regular mom responsibilities that go unspoken!

WELL, one of my positions at church changed into a bit (translation ALOT) more responsibility, while keeping all the others plus adding the 2 others. I was just sitting here filling in my August Calendar (which now looks like a filled month) AND with Hubby in his current position, I think I can hear the faint ticking of my "I'm overwhelmed" time bomb! I wonder just how many ticks I have until the explosion occurs??!?

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Sandra said...

You can do it!!! ;)