Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life on Thursday

On the run again!

I got the chance to stay home this morning and work on my 'action' pile. I send in some bills to the insurance company, paid some bills and post them in the computer.

I ran to see hubby. We've been taking his laptop up to him (every couple of days), he works on it, then since he doesn't have wifi, I run to get it then run back home, (did I mention that this is a 45 minutes one way trip?) send out his emails and do the rest of work from here.

When I got to hubby's room, they were drawing blood. Goodness, that man can't handle that! His nurse doing the work, was from Scotland, and she had to distract him with stories from Scotland. At one point hubby was sweating (yea, he is at at that point) and she starts to tell him about a hilltop in Scotland where the "wind will bite your face off" (in her strongest Scottish accent). I had to keep from giggling at that statement! I didn't think Hubby would like my giggle!

Then home to get his work done.

Then off to pick up G at school. G's school (the whole district) has now discontinued busing within 2.5 miles from the school. This has caused a great deal of discussion among the in town parents. It saved the school district $400,000 (the same as 9 teacher's job). I always thought it was ridiculous that there was a bus taking kids home that actually lived right across the street from the school! I actually think it's a great thing, the city spent all summer making new sidewalks around the school, we now see families walking and riding bikes to school. We could become a healthier community! An interesting thing came home yesterday in G's backpack... it was a reminder that parents spend time teaching their children their address and directions on how to get home. Evidently, some parents sent their children to school, without preparing them on how to walk home! Geez, some people!

I had arranged for us to pick up a friend on our way home from school. I didn't tell G, I just told him that I needed eggs from Mason, "eggs and something else". I got the eggs from Mason and when G was telling Mason good by while Mason was getting in the van. It was a fun moment to watch G.

Then off to the annual "Back to Cub Scouting Ice cream Social". They played fun games, and had ice cream, what more could you ask for?

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