Monday, August 23, 2010

News Blotter

There seemed to be a jewel in this past weekend's paper!

"On the Beat"

The following incident was taken from a collection of *** county's Sheriff's office incident reports.

"Two ***county Sheriff's office deputies were dispatched to a residence south east of ****(town) at 2:16 am Aug 13 in response to a report of a subject refusing to leave the home.

Upon arrival, the deputies spoke with the reporting party; who was identified as the subject's girlfriend. She said her boyfriend was drunk and would not leave the area, according to the Sheriff's office report.

After determining that the man lives in the home the deputies informed the woman that they could not ask her boyfriend to leave unless he had hit or threatened her. They suggested she go to bed and leave him alone.

The deputies then left and found the subject passed out in a lawn chair from consuming too many alcoholic beverages. There was an empty 30 pack of beer in the grass behind him, and he was snoring upon their arrival, according to the report."

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