Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life on Thursday

No, wait this isn't Thursday, is it?
Yes, I know it's Thursday now, but with school starting yesterday, a Wednesday this just hasn't seemed like Thursday today.

Today was day #2 of school, G rode the bus this morning. He rode his bike to the end of the drive in the fog. I couldn't see him once he was there and could barely see the bus when it came. This has been the first year I've not drive up the drive to wait for the bus. G is wanting some independence and this morning he got a dose of it in the fog!

I then went to work out with Michelle at the Y. She had a speed staking mat.

(thank you Google images)
this was fun but scary just the same. It's just like ice and who wants to exercise on ice?!

This was W's first day of classes. He wasn't nearly as excited as G was yesterday! But I did get more information out of him at the end of the day! None of his teacher's had doughnuts for him.

Next I took the next step in Substitute teaching this year ... turning in my certificate!
I love to teach, but it's always internal struggle to turn in. I'm I ready? What if they call me tomorrow? Would I teach Kindergarten tomorrow? Will I go to the High school? Just a bunch of mental junk going on as I walk out of the administration office!?

Then I spent the afternoon with Hubby. Nothing new there. OH, maybe there is something ~ whenever Hubby has pain in his lower body he gets a phantom pain of sorts. He's had them for years, and it's a good way to measure what's going on below his waist. Well, with his surgery his phantom pain was out of control, he happened to mention this to one of his doctors. This doctor had a pill that would eliminate that phantom pain. It's been a miracle drug! That's pretty exciting in our world. Now Hubby will need to decide if he'll continue on this medicine all the time (thus losing his way to measure what's going on below the waist) or just whenever he needs it.

Then home to fix lasagna dinner for the boys!

I'm exhausted, this getting up at 6:15am to meet the bus is ridiculous! I'll take G to school in the morning thus getting another hour of sleep!

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Sandra said...

how did you like the speed skating mat? Looks like fun!