Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting room Observations

* Some people come alone (me and I prefer it that way) and some people have entire families. They make it a social event.

* People will change their seats to watch "Price is Right" even will bunch up next to strangers, stating as they sit down "This is my show, I never miss it"

*People who choose to wear earphones cannot hear when they call their name and should bring someone with them to listen for their name.

*no one will sit in the seats under the TVs and if they do they'll move.

*you can hear every one's conversation when they're on the cell phone. I don't think people realize this.

*Some people never take off their sunglasses, I wondered if that man ever realized that he had them on.??

*Some people bring a grocery cart size basket full of snacks

*Some people unbag gifts for the surgery patient, show the gather family, discuss them and then re bag them.

*Waiting rooms need more magazines. I did my part, I put a bunch of our old magazines there and left them.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

good for you for leaving some magazines. The worst offender I've seen of the the selection of magazines? My dentist. He only has 2 at a time. They're some high end fashion magazines? No offense to Louisburg, but does this town look like we read that type of magazine? I mighthave to leave some of my old ones, maybe they'd get the hint!